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Wisconsin Lottery | Fast Play

The introduction of Fast Play, a unique combination of instant wins and a progressive jackpot, offered an exciting new way to play for players across Wisconsin. To capture the attention and engage viewers with this thrilling concept, we collaborated with Hiebing to create a high-energy, eye-catching motion-graphic animation.

The primary objective was to generate excitement and anticipation for the new game. The motion-graphic animation allowed us to convey the fast-paced nature of Fast Play, immersing viewers in a dynamic visual experience. By employing rapid transitions, quick movements, and energetic visuals, we captured the essence of the game’s high-speed gameplay.

To enhance the visual appeal and create a sense of depth, we combined 2-D and 3-D graphics in the animation. This approach enabled us to showcase not only the appearance of the real ticket but also added life and dimension to the piece. By integrating 3-D elements, we were able to bring a sense of realism and tangibility to the animation, making it more visually engaging and immersive.

We collaborated with our audio team to create a killer track that complements the visuals and matches the energetic vibe we were aiming for. The right choice of music, along with hyped-up sound effects, synchronizes with the motion and design elements, intensifying the sense of excitement and creates a cohesive and memorable experience while amplifying the emotional impact of the design.

Wisconsin Lottery
Motion + Animation, Audio, Editorial

The design process started during our pitch to the agency. Hiebing had an initial design style that they had developed for the Wisconsin Lottery. This style was flat and simplistic, but they wanted to make some changes and improvements. To enhance it, they wanted to add texture and a sense of depth to the visuals to bring more visual interest and a dynamic feel to the artwork. They had great references and ideas to get us started.

Drawing inspiration from the Fast Play logo, we took elements and incorporated them into our designs, maintaining some brand consistency while still introducing new and exciting elements. To further enhance the design’s visual impact, we incorporated 3-dimensional executions to create a more immersive and engaging experience. By slicing up typography and graphic components, we aimed to generate a greater variety of elements to use throughout the piece. This approach allowed for more flexibility and creativity in assembling the design elements.

Instead of solely focusing on static visuals, we also wanted to explore how the design ideas would feel in motion. This was a crucial step, as it allowed us to evaluate how the designs performed in context and aligned with the energetic vibe we were aiming for.

By following this iterative and dynamic design process, we were able to develop a compelling and visually stimulating piece that aligned with the desired energetic vibe. The combination of various design elements and the exploration of motion contributed to a more engaging and memorable end result.