About - Pixel Farm

About Us

Pixel Farm is a multidimensional creative studio harnessing the power of design, image, sound, and code to forge intrepid ideas and boundary-breaking content and experiences. Our talent-driven creative approach is grounded in consultation, collaboration, and problem solving. Built from a traditional post-production mindset, we welcome ideas at any stage of their life and employ a strategy of exploration and testing to trailblaze innovative, streamlined creative paths.

Our company culture favors talent over ego, partners over vendors, and fearlessness over conformity. We’re more comfortable being a little uncomfortable. While our physical studio is located in Minneapolis, our globe-trotting remote capabilities allow us to partner with anyone on the planet.

Got an idea? Let’s get into it.

We create in these spaces

We were born in the broadcast era. From production and creative editorial to color, compositing, and finishing, traditional high-end production methodologies are in our DNA.
Taking a modular, scalable approach to social content, we employ a toolkit of brand assets, deliverable formats, and best practices to maximize impact and longevity.
We combine our core capabilities of CG, design, and animation with current and future technologies to create custom immersive experiences in AR, VR and interactive large-format displays.
Our design-centric approach brings a rich user experience and stunning visuals to desktop and mobile devices alike, in everything from games and kiosks to apps and 3d websites.

What sets us apart

An open braintrust for our clients in search of the right solution
Partnering with any entity or individual to amplify creative potential
Masters of our own destiny since 1995
Impactful, unexpected results from a powerful mix of creative disciplines
Content extended across multiple platforms
Always learning, always evolving, always in service of the work