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• Full-Stack Web Developer •

We are looking for a skilled and enthusiastic web dev generalist who is passionate to create beautiful things using elegant, efficient code, yet just as eager to push through content and data integrations. Key responsibilities for this Jack-or-Jill-of-all-trades will be enhancing and maintaining legacy WordPress sites as well as bringing to life new web-based innovations. Pixel Farm is no "one trick pony", so applicants must be hungry for variety and curious to learn the Next Big Thing™.

Qualified individuals will have a strong sense of visual aesthetics combined with an ability to translate UX Wireframes and UI Mockups into clean, well-formed WCAG-compliant accessible web code. This front-end skillset should be balanced with an ability to translate information architecture into intuitively manageable content solutions. Familiarity with content management systems (CMS) and data security is a must, as are strong interpersonal communication skills.

Applicants should have 3-5+ years of experience building and managing CMS-driven corporate websites and a high level of familiarity with responsive design frameworks and WordPress architecture. Language-wise, they must be savvy in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. Preferred applicants also have a deep understanding of Less, SASS, Bootstrap, and 3rd party API integrations. Past experience with Twig/Timber, WebGL, mobile app development, .NET or MS SQL is a plus.

Also relevant is any past experience managing web server configurations and creating rich media experiences and games using Unity, such as native mobile apps, online microsites, or interactive kiosks. Creative ideation, visual design, 3D and video skills are appreciated, but not critical.

• Motion Designer •

Pixel Farm is looking for a talented and passionate artist to add to its award-winning design and motion graphics team. Motion Design is a pillar of Pixel Farm’s creative repertoire, so we’re looking for someone to maintain our high standard of quality and ingenuity while pushing our design aesthetics to new heights.

Candidates should posses a strong sense of graphic design, be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, and be expert in After Effects and Illustrator, in particular. Strong communication, collaboration, and concepting skills are key. 3-5 years experience designing and animating for both direct clients and agencies is highly favored.

In addition to traditional platforms such as broadcast and web, candidates should be passionate about using their craft in emerging platforms, such as VR, AR, and architectural/experiential activations.

  • Partner with Creative Director and team members to ideate, design, and animate creative solutions
  • Be comfortable working as a part of a team in either a lead or support role, as well as working alone to tackle smaller projects
  • Think and create within a wide gamut of stylistic approaches to find what works best for each and every client or request
  • Collaborate, communicate, and respect deadlines and schedules
  • Review and critique your and the team’s work in a constructive manner as it applies to the client’s requests
  • Drive improvement, efficiency and effectiveness into all methodologies and deliverables
  • Proactively maintain proficiency in design/animation software packages
  • Be open to large and small requests alike - apply your expertise to every type of scenario with a positive, creative outlook no matter the scale
  • Provide quality control and organization throughout the project
  • Exhibit client respect and client services as an important factor of the process
  • Proactively participate in organizing and delegating tasks on a project basis
  • Study current trends and techniques in the design/mograph community
  • Be constructively competitive and strive to push the team to new heights

• Client / Social Media Coordinator• 

We're looking for a friendly, energetic and highly motivated individual to be an integral member of our team. This is a hybrid role which would split time between client services at reception and maintaining Pixel Farm’s internal social media presence.

Candidates should be dependable, organized, and possess excellent communication and writing skills. Previous receptionist or office administrator experience a plus but not required. Think of this role as running Pixel Farm’s “front-of house” in both the physical and digital sense - so an outgoing attitude, desire to represent our company in a positive way, and a willingness to engage our clients in person and online are key.

  • Greet and welcome guests at the front desk, providing excellent client service
  • Get to know our client base and anticipate their needs
  • Work with project management tools to assist in scheduling, billing, and asset management
  • Perform simple clerical support including photocopying, shipping, processing checks, etc.
  • Create and maintain a welcoming, clean and comfortable office environment, including some basic kitchen duties
  • Maintain Pixel Farm’s social media calendar and share with regularity across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Create case studies to showcase our work and update our company’s Wordpress website
  • Produce content internally with the help of our artists to share our inspirations, company culture, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of how we apply our creative craft