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Toro | Grass-Fed Bull

For Toro’s Z Master Series, the fine folks of Pocket Hercules tasked us with showing the more refined eating habits of an otherwise menacing Spanish Fighting Bull named Hugh Hefner. The first challenge was capturing Hugh’s perfect angles while maintaining safety on set. A ring of gates were draped with dark curtains so crew could stay out of sight and shoot multiple cameras from holes in the fabric. With Hugh wrapped, additional elements like the oversized bib were shot on a human model to composite in post.

The real fun started after the edit was locked. We modeled Hugh’s head in order to 3D motion track the head, body and bib. This gave us great reference geometry for shadows and light play. Then we augmented the bib and mouth chewing with additional grass and drool elements to really drive the menace and comedy home.

Pocket Hercules
VFX + Finishing, Motion + Animation, Audio, Color