Wiley Education Services

Student Journey Platform

In today’s fast-paced and convenience-driven world, you can instantly access almost anything online. Wiley Education Services believes that applying for an education should not be any different.

We teamed up with the folks at ICF Next to generate a launch video for Wiley’s new Student Journey Platform app, which aims to make a student’s application process easier and more accessible for even the busiest individual.

To emphasize the ease of their process, we took a minimalist design approach, defined our scenes with the fewest objects necessary, and kept animation smooth and simple. We opted for flat colors that allowed the viewer to focus on the action but played with saturation to help sell the competing emotions.



TYPE: Promo Video

  • VFX + Finishing
  • Editorial
  • Production
  • Audio
  • Motion + Animation
  • Color
  • VR + Immersive
Promo Video