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Pixel Farm | Since ’95

After a lengthy social hiatus, we decided it was high time to throw a bash on par with Pixel Farm’s legendary get-togethers – a celebration of our journey that started in 1995 and the creative community that has supported us along the way.

Our goal was to create an event that not only honored our roots in postproduction and visual effects, but showcased how far we’ve come in design, animation, and technology. The theme – “Since ’95” – was our way of blending throw-back vibes with a flair for the futuristic.

We decked out our interior office windows with animated projections and set up an interactive display at the entrance that reacted to guests’ every move. After hours of original content, we utilized AI models to generate hallucinatory variations of our original creations. As people transformed their social moods, we answered with mind-blowing visuals.

The party was a massive success! We showed off our knack for combining pop art, storytelling, and tech in a way that set our sights on Pixel Farm’s next chapter.

Pixel Farm
Motion + Animation, VR + Immersive

Window Projections

To add to the ambience, we filled interior office windows with hours and hours of old-school content. The visuals imbued a dynamic experiential element that brought the physical space to life.

Interactive Wall

As patrons entered the party, there was a large LED screen across the room that was equipped with a Microsoft Kinect, allowing viewers to interact with dynamic real-time visuals that were distinctively Pixel Farm.


Given our ongoing experimentation with AI, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to stretch the limits of our original creations. At a certain time during the party, all of the projections made an automated shift into an alternate reality. We embraced a specific AI model to create cohesion across the variations and the outcome was mind-melting. The following are side-by-side comparisons of our original works with their AI-enhanced counterparts.

The Party