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Saucy Spoon | Let’s Get Saucy

The collaboration between Pixel Farm and space150 to create these mixed-media spots for this new brand of baked beans brought together a range of creative techniques to deliver a vibrant and playful launch campaign.

The nature of the branding called for a handcrafted, bold, yet organic and family-oriented stylistic approach. We incorporated live-action lifestyle moments that showcased people enjoying the baked beans in various settings, emphasizing the product’s role in family gatherings, picnics, or cozy meals. By featuring real people, we added a relatable element to the campaign, making it easier for the audience to connect with the brand.

Additionally, incorporating flavor cues was a clever way to enhance the overall experience. By showcasing close-ups of the baked beans, their ingredients, and mouthwatering shots of dishes being prepared, we triggered sensory appeal and communicated the brand’s focus on quality and taste.

To tie everything together and ensure a cohesive visual narrative, we unified the different elements by employing a graphic art direction that included vibrant and eye-catching colors and playful typography. By blending the live-action footage with the graphic elements, we created a seamless fusion reinforcing the brand’s messaging and aesthetic.

Saucy Spoon
Production, Editorial, Motion + Animation, Color, VFX + Finishing, Audio

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