Rogue Citizen - Modist Brewing DROP IN Event - Pixel Farm

Rogue Citizen | Modist Brewing DROP IN Event

Now in its third year, DROP IN Event and Art Exhibit is a celebration of skateboard deck art, music and culture put on by local artist collective Rogue Citizen and champions of beer innovation Modist Brewing.

Traditionally adorned with deeply personal graphic illustrations, we unleashed Pixel Farm artists to let their creativity run wild and re-imagined the customary skateboard deck art into augmented reality using design, animation, and custom app development.

Rogue Citizen
VR + Immersive

Our artists went to work designing and animating 2D and 3D scenes that would come to life. Then to juxtapose the vivid, moving worlds we had unlocked in augmented reality, we retroactively created printed deck art that was simple, geometric, and monochromatic to mimic its AR counterpart designs. Using a custom app and QR code, event goers were inspired and delighted as they engaged otherwise still art and opened a new world full of color, motion, and dimensionality. Pushing the boundaries just as the skateboard deck art did in the mid seventies.

Event Trailer