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Remo Drive | All You’ll Ever Catch

We were thrilled to collaborate with local indie darlings Remo Drive on a music video for their latest single “All You’ll Ever Catch” from their upcoming album “Mercy” on Epitaph Records. As fans and creators, we’re excited to bring our passions of filmmaking and motion design to celebrate a major milestone in their career.

Our approach was to find an abstract visual device that follows the narrative of the song’s lyrics. The song is about the creative cycles we find ourselves in and our inability to break out of the repetition of life. We created a graphic style that placed the band in circular patterns, constricting them visually.

In addition, we wanted to add a subtle fluidity to the film where the imagery felt a little off. We opted to shoot the band’s performance in slow motion to add a floatiness to their performances. However, this created a challenge for us as we still needed to synchronize their lip movements with the song. To overcome this, our audio team accelerated the tempo of the music, and then the band performed and lip-synced to this faster version of their original track. When played back in real time, there is an ethereal sensibility to the film and Remo Drive’s performance.

Remo Drive
Pixel Farm
Production, Motion + Animation, Editorial, Color


To enhance the slow-motion lip-sync effect, we incorporated choreographed projections using OBS Studio to synchronize with their takes. We placed one projector overhead aimed at the sweep behind the talent and one from the side directly on them.

Behind The Scenes

We assembled a crack team of Minneapolis-based production pros to pull off the shoot at Pixel Farm’s production stage – featuring Director Andy Grund, Director of Photography David Schnack, 1st AC Geoff Hass, and Producer Bob Medcraft.