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Red Kap | Motion Toolkit + Launch

Red Kap underwent a major rebranding effort in 2023 to redefine the landscape of high-quality apparel in celebration of its 100th anniversary. The creatives at Farmuse developed a cheerful, fun, and vivacious strategy to differentiate Red Kap from the competition. Pixel Farm helped by developing an animation toolkit and creating spots and social content.

The campaign used three main ingredients: motion graphics, B-roll footage of real workers on site, and still photography captured by Tory Rust and Brittany Bravo. These elements were united on top of some super fun music.

One of the most important developments was the Red Kap mnemonic, which influenced the behavior and characteristics of the animation and advised everything else that was done. The process of finding the right personality via audio was challenging and involved testing many different approaches before arriving at the most differentiating and unpredictable soundmark.

Red Kap
Motion + Animation, Editorial, Color, Audio

Elements of the Toolkit

From the mnemonic to various “stickers,” we infused Red Kap’s new essence into how all these items move. Each element has an unashamed and playful yet in-your-face attitude.

Launch Videos & Social Content

Once we completed the toolkit, we brought it all together in a series of 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second spots. The social versions of the spots highlighted different aspects of the clothing, from affordability to technology.