Planters Cashews | Surrender to the Cashew

Cashews have been an American snacking staple for ages, but the new Planters® flavored cashews are taking things to a whole new level of irresistibility with flavors like Rosemary & Sea Salt, Dill Pickle, and Cinnamon & Brown Sugar. BBDO Minneapolis poured their creativity into this launch with one mission in mind – to make you Surrender to the Cashew.

To amplify the appeal of Planters® flavored cashews, Pixel Farm produced end tags for broadcast spots and a plethora of social media and out-of-home (OOH) content, widening the reach of the campaign and taking the creative to new heights.

Planters Cashews
BBDO Minneapolis
Motion + Animation, Production

Our creative team leveraged the distinct ingredients in each flavor to craft mesmerizing animations. With full control of the elements, we made ingredients gracefully float about the frame and created dynamic compositions you could almost taste.


We began our process with photogrammetry, a technique that involves capturing physical objects through photographs to generate 3D models. Realizing certain creative limitations in this technique, we shifted to the more elaborate process of modeling and texturing each object from scratch. With this, we were able to art direct and fine-tune every minute detail, ensuring that the animations truly captured the essence of each ingredient.

From the distinctive shape and texture of the cashews and salt crystals to the inviting aromas of dill and cinnamon, we hand-crafted every aspect of the ingredients. The combination of which was meticulously composed and animated, resulting in a visually stunning slow-motion explosion of flavors.