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Revelo AR is a mobile app that connects people with original works of art using the power of Augmented Reality. With something as ubiquitous as a smartphone, users can uncover unique artworks within geo-specific installations anywhere on the planet. This affords users free exploration of art while allowing the artist to display their work in the wild, infusing location-specific relevance to their vision.
Our opening artist, Marlena Myles, a member of the Spirit Lake Dakota Tribe, designed and created 2 unique experiences. The first, Dakota Spirit Walk, is located at the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary in St. Paul, MN where users are guided through a series of encounters overlaid upon the site of historic Dakota village of Kaposia.

Her second installation is at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum where visitors can view and listen to animated stories at stops along the walk to learn about Dakota culture and history.

Both experiences are live and available to anyone visiting the sanctuary or arboretum in search of new ways to discover art. With Revelo AR, the world is an art gallery.

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Pixel Farm
Motion + Animation, VR + Immersive, Audio

Dakota Spirit Walk

Sacred Hoop Walk