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Blast the Aliens. Defend the Beer.

Vapor Run is a car-drifting, alien-blasting homage to the retro-futuristic video games and synthwave music scene of the 1980s. Debuting at Pixel Farm’s VR Night at Bauhaus Brew Labs in Northeast Minneapolis, Vapor Run was a chance for our team to operate under zero creative restrictions, score our own synthwave theme song (thanks, Max), and ultimately give something back to the local VR community.

In Vapor Run, players materialize into an arcade racing game set in a world of fast cars and neon. Unfortunately, that world is under attack from thirsty aliens aggressively trying to steal the city’s beer supply. Bummer, right?

Luckily, players are not only driving a drifting race car of the future featuring an AR windshield and HUD system – they’re also equipped with a laser blaster in their right hand, allowing for simultaneous driving and shooting in VR.

Players have 2 minutes to stop as many aliens as they can before they are overrun by the beer-thirsty, pixelated abominations. Projecting gameplay and high scores on the big screen at the brewery was a hit and created an awesome atmosphere with a never-ending line of players for the duration of the event.

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