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Pixel Farm VR | Mascot VR for HTC Vive

MASCOT VR is a Pixel Farm original property created to extend the fan experience of stadium-goers of all major sports franchises. Drawing on the fun and hilarity of being a professional mascot, participants are prompted to don their team’s mascot head, enter a massive stadium surrounded by cheering virtual fans, and given all the fun tools of the trade.

Fire a T-shirt cannon into the stands, wave a foam finger and get the crowd on their feet, tickle the ivories on an oversized organ, and squirt condiment bottles on…well, anywhere you want! And don’t forgot to hit a few homers from an automatic pitching machine to show the hometown lineup who’s really got the skills.

We’re currently showcasing our baseball edition of MASCOT VR, which is licensable now, but football, basketball, and hockey are in-development and coming soon!

Pixel Farm VR
VR + Immersive, Audio, Motion + Animation

The VR Experience

Created as a room-scale VR experience on HTC Vive, MASCOT VR debuted at Target Field for Twins Fest 2018 to rave reviews. It is being offered as a purchasable experience that can be customized for any franchise, brand, stadium, expo, or event. Sponsorship opportunities are plentiful within the virtual world and in the activation space where fans gather.

We created a rich interactive experience that can be customized with ease to accommodate different sports, events, and sponsors. We intentionally added more activities than the participant can do in the allowed time to increase replayability and foster engagement outside of the VR experience. Every person expresses themselves differently within the world, and we wanted to embrace that.

Affordances in VR

The term affordance refers to the natural, expected interactivity of objects. The affordance of objects in an environment before you is one of the most appealing aspects of interaction design in this type of ‘toy-box’ VR experience. If something is placed within the participant’s reach, it should be interactive in some way, however ridiculous and unexpected in its result.

MASCOT VR delivers on all levels here. You can knock over the TV monitor using the T-shirt canon, play “Hard Knock Life” on the organ, and hit a line-drive hotdog slathered in mustard. Everything is fair game in MASCOT VR!

Don’t Wait. Call Now!

Just kidding. But seriously… Contact us to demo MASCOT VR and learn more about team and sponsor customization packages, hardware requirements, and suggested plans for the physical activation space.