Medtronic | Interactive Muscle Wall

Our friends (and fellow Ad League Softball teammates) at Clarity Coverdale Fury wanted to elevate Medtronic’s presence at the 2018 American College of Surgeons Clinical Conference, and they came to us looking for possibilities. Like most projects we do in emerging and immersive platforms, it’s all about upfront consultation.

Who are we trying to reach? How can we maximize interest and accessibility? What is the right balance of hard information versus interactivity and entertainment. What will create the most lasting impression for the budget we have to work with? And lastly, what tech is out there that we can bend to our will?! In this case, it would be a 9×9′ LED wall, a 5-year-old Microsoft Kinect, and the stalwart Unity game engine.

Since the messaging and sales would be accomplished by Medtronic sales team at the event, what CCF wanted to do was create intrigue and draw people into the booth. We needed an inviting and interactive spectacle that would spark the imagination while delivering broad features and benefits across four of Medtronic’s product units.

The result was a hit at the event, and like any good experiential activation, it was developed with the possibility of future updates and expansions for trade shows to come.

Clarity Coverdale Fury
Audio, Motion + Animation, VR + Immersive