Invisalign | Soccer Challenge

Don’t think that orthodontistry and soccer go together? Think again. Pixel Farm and Colle McVoy’s latest collaboration created a mind-boggling arcade soccer experience for Invisalign. Debuting at the Schwan’s USA Cup 2018 in Blaine, MN, VR and soccer combined to excite teens about Invisalign and show them what makes clear aligners different from traditional braces. Using the HTC Vive and the Vive Trackers, we were able to immerse a player’s head, hands, and feet in the ultimate soccer experience.

Using an Orthodontist’s office of the future as a locker room, players suit up and calibrate in the midst of Invisalign videos and informative holograms. Players then watch as their office surroundings fold up and transform into an enormous soccer field. Kicking balls and power-ups into moving drone targets around the field, players battle for high scores. As a finale, a gigantic typodont donning metal braces lowers onto the field. Players launch soccer balls to remove the braces and reveal the Invisalign aligner.

Colle McVoy
Audio, VR + Immersive

Kicking Accuracy

We iterated and playtested our kicking mechanic with the Vive Trackers through the entire development cycle, and it paid off. Accommodating all kinds of different kicking styles from different players, balls can be passed, chipped and curved depending on how you kick or what side of your foot you use to impact the ball.

Power-Up Balls

To mix up the gameplay and further integrate the experience with the Invisalign brand, we created three Special Balls the player can unlock by hitting specific targets on the field. These balls have amazing powers and animation to help you get the high score, while also reflecting core values of using Invisalign’s product.

Orthodontist Office & Stadium

Players begin their experience in our futuristic orthodontist office, where they are prep for the game and learn about Invisalign. Upon pressing Start, the office walls unfold in a spectacular transformation, complete with detailed sound leaks and animation, to reveal the Invisalign Soccer Arena for an exciting introduction to the game.

The Final Boss

During the final moments of the experience, the player is warned of an incoming guest—an intimidatingly large typodont with metallic braces. The player must kick the Power-Up balls at the Typodont to “break free” of the constraints and awkwardness of traditional braces. With the final kick, the Typodont explodes into a giant, high resolution Invisalign aligner and presents the player with their score to share.

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