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Olay | Indulgent Moisture

Procter & Gamble enlisted Pixel Farm to elevate the creative around a new campaign for Olay Indulgent Moisture Body Wash. Bringing creative editorial, animation, VFX, and post services to the party, our mission was to capture the enticing scent of the product with elegance and sophistication.

From the start, we worked hand-in-hand with P&G’s brand and marketing teams, developing visuals and core messaging. As the campaign materialized across broadcast, digital, and social platforms, we remained in lockstep, implementing insights from real-world data and user testing.

The end result was a multimedia campaign that elevated Olay Indulgent Moisture as an accessible indulgence. More importantly, it demonstrated a true partnership mentality that went beyond the typical client-vendor relationship.

Editorial, Motion + Animation, Color, VFX + Finishing, Sound Design, Audio Mix

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Design Development

To kick things off, we researched the brand’s advertising history, which revealed their signature black and gold aesthetic was a key differentiator in the beauty space. While this offered one creative path, we wanted to offer a fresh perspective and explore additional aesthetic directions.

Ultimately, we landed on two distinct visual approaches to pitch – a “dark world” concept playing off the existing brand identity and a more luminous “light world” direction. Developing these contrasting worlds in parallel proved worthwhile, with the “dark world” initially driving the campaign art direction.

As we collaborated closely with P&G, however, the “light world” emerged as more compelling for point-of-purchase sales and promotional materials. A core focus for promotion was visualizing each variant’s scent cues through photorealistic 3D elements like cherries, mangoes, coconuts, and vanilla orchids. And with the body wash formula front and center, we developed techniques to ensure its qualities translated perfectly on screen.