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Cenex | Hometown Throwdown

Celebrating small town festivals and local traditions across America, the Cenex Hometown Throwdown is a contest to find out who’s got the best fest! Partnering with our friends at Colle McVoy, we helped create a campaign to inspire locals to share their hometown stories and battle against others for a chance to win $100K.

Colle McVoy
Editorial, Motion + Animation, Color, Sound Design, Audio Mix

Launch Video

Design Development

The creative vision for Hometown Throwdown was bold and graphic, featuring vivid patterns, striking textures, and iconic typography. Layered on top of authentic festival footage, the goal was to present a contemporary aesthetic and edit while nodding to a classic state fair vibe. Collaborating with renowned illustrator Alan Berry, the Pixel Farm team had a blast designing and animating a delightful mix of throwback elements.

Creative Process

When it came to capturing the essence of hometown festivals, Colle McVoy’s production team brought the goods. Sorting through days of raw footage, Pixel Farm Creative Editor Paul Clark aimed to bring authenticity and quirkiness to the fore. There was so much pride, passion, and character present in the footage that shot selection was no small feat.

The collaboration between agency, design, and editorial was seamless and highly iterative. Our designers started with a toolbox of visuals to choose from, giving the story latitude to find itself in the edit. This iterative approach allowed for creative discoveries from multiple angles and stakeholders, fostering a dynamic and engaging final product.