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One of the most ambitious projects we’ve tackled in years, the Facebook Groups campaign was a global collaboration between 1stAveMachine, Pixel Farm, Hueso, and MPC. Highlighting communities such as the SLOW RUNNERS COMMUNITY, DRAG QUEEN BEGINNERS, and DANCE ACCEPTS EVERYONE, the campaign endearingly celebrates just how diverse and specific Facebook’s Groups have become.

Working with both domestic and international productions featuring five directors, our team of producers, editors, VFX artists, and animators swarmed around this monumental effort. The sheer volume of work pushed our remote postproduction and VFX supervision capabilities to new heights, delivering over 70 distinct pieces of content in record time. Collaboration was at the heart of this campaign, proving that with the right partners, you can do #MoreTogether.

VFX + Finishing, Editorial, Motion + Animation

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