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Dairy Queen | Social Media Campaign

Dairy Queen’s mission is to bring more joy to everyday life. Their treats and food have captured the hearts (and stomachs) of millions. Since 2019, we’ve helped fill their social feeds with a massive array of lovable personalities, relatable moments, and simple joys.

The team at Barkley came to us with a fantastic creative platform full of animation and live action that was a perfect recipe for all of our visual capabilities. From design, animation, and CG to production, finishing, and gaming, it has been a monumental team effort to create such a volume of content for this campaign.

Dairy Queen
VFX + Finishing, Editorial, Production, Motion + Animation, Color, VR + Immersive

The DQ® Characters

Every DQ® social spot has a “star.” Sometimes that star is created with pre-existing still photography. Occasionally it’s shot in camera. Other times, it’s a photo-real CG blizzard riding a rollercoaster that we create with technology called photogrammetry! Whatever the case, it’s the wide variety of styles, techniques, and executions that make this family of characters so endearing and lovable each and every time!

Illustrate the Moment

Let the creative juices run wild! This category is always a lot of fun to create. By combining photo-real food in an illustrated world, we bring to life relatable moments around yummy DQ® treats and food. The result is some of the cutest situations with the most charming characters.

Bite-Sized Happy

Micro-sized environments let the life-sized food feel fantastical while we watch these stop motion moments come to life. “Bite-Sized Happy” brings the world of Dairy Queen to social feeds through every day moments which are made all the happier with grab-able food and treats. These spots are some of the most fun to shoot because we are challenged with building miniature sets that are 1/12th of the real size.

Crave Happy

At Dairy Queen, treats are King. The “Crave Happy” series is fueled by footage that features DQ®’s most treasured food and treats. All of which your taste buds… well, crave!

We Got You

These spots are inspired by the visual language of memes, boomerangs and gifs. Using tasty food footage with relatable situations, “We Got You” is a series that shows how Dairy Queen food and treats can answer a moment like no other.

Additional Ingredients

SPOON-A-PULT Facebook Game

With the sweet anticipation of summer, DQ® introduced their Sour Patch Kids Blizzard. For this special release, we developed a Sour Patch Kid-launching game.

Aim. Launch. Score! In 30 seconds, fling as many Sour Patch Kids as you can into blizzards. Along with the game, we generated several sour-then-sweet social posts to get the fans excited about the Sour Patch Kid Blizzard of the Month.