Coca-Cola | Trivia Blitz VR

Trivia Blitz VR is a football-chucking, dummy-exploding Oculus Rift trivia activation we created for one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Commissioned by Coca-Cola Consolidated, the largest independent bottler of the beverage, this virtual reality experience activated at 23 colleges during the 2018 football season.

To create a customized experience for each school, we developed a selection system where school logos and stadium colors were effortlessly swapped. With over 500 questions chosen at random, participants were guaranteed unique college football and Coca-Cola trivia questions. Large displays connected the crowd and sparked rivalries among friends.

Audio, Motion + Animation, VR + Immersive


From the beginning, Trivia Blitz VR was built to be customized for each participating school. From banners and pyrotechnics, all the way down to a player’s gloves, fans can see their favorite team’s brand reflected in the experience. Talk about school spirit!

Social Media Integration

What’s cooler than showing off your best moves on the dance floor? Doing it on the 50-yard line in virtual reality! Using Pixel Farm’s latest social tech, we’re able to capture moments of each player’s virtual reality experience and instantly get it into their hands to post and share.

Traveling Action

In order for this activation to be present on the campuses of 23 different schools during gameday, we had to create a setup that was easily installed and memorable. Tent graphics were fully customized and made to travel the country with ease, allowing this experience to bring people together, just like Coca-Cola.