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Minnesota Timberwolves | City Edition

The Timberwolves’ creative team developed a dynamic and colorful art direction for their 2022-23 City Edition uniforms and creative campaign of the season. The theme of “Own Every Canvas” focuses on the intersection of court, culture, and community, so we embraced this opportunity to use vibrant colors and bold motion throughout. 2D graphics motivated by players’ movements formed the foundation of the piece, while a 3D ball and textures added depth and threaded scenes together.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Editorial, Motion + Animation, Color, Production


Design Development

Once we established a rough cut to determine what each player’s action or framing would be, we created unique style frames that echoed their movements and positioning. A key element to this spot was guiding the direction with the ball and its supporting 2D elements. With each scene, we carefully considered what came before and after to determine colors, shapes, and patterns used. Beyond the hero video, we had to consider how it tied in with all of the auxiliary screens throughout the stadium. We created a 360º previz tool and bird’s-eye view templates of the Target Center with all of its various screens to help visualize the full experience.

360 Stadium View

Stadium Birds Eye

One of a Kind Uniforms

The theme “Own Every Canvas” celebrates the uniqueness and vibrancy of the creative communities throughout Minnesota. To reflect that, every individual uniform produced is a one-of-one, featuring different color blocks and patterns on the jersey and shorts. We expanded on the theme by using the key design element as a recurring graphic that connects from scene to scene.

Media Day

With only twelve minutes per player and two sets to shoot, we had to maximize efficiency from every angle. With a strict eight and four minute split between sets, we quickly nailed down a process to get the shots we needed while players flowed in one after another. Players put in long hours on Media day, so we set the scene with music from DJ Sota and energetic one-on-one creative direction. It was demanding, but we enjoyed every minute hanging with the Timberwolves!