Northern Spark - Chaos on the Green Line
Northern Spark

Chaos on the
Green Line

For the 2017 Northern Spark Festival, Pixel Farm partnered with Motionpoems to create a first-of-its-kind cinematic VR experience aboard the Twin Cities Green Line train. Using geolocation data at stops along the line, riders could access and view via Google Cardboard a surreal and haunting virtual environment that emulated the train’s actual movement and orientation. The remarkable success of this year’s “Chaos on the Green Line” opens the door for future installations of this kind.

AGENCY: Motionpoems, Egg Music, Westwerk, Fallon, Manufacture, and development partners Martin Grider and Patrick Swinnea

TYPE: Experiential

  • VFX + Finishing
  • Editorial
  • Production
  • Audio
  • Motion + Animation
  • Color
  • VR + Immersive
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