AdFed "The Show" - Pinstallation - Interactive Installation - Pixel Farm

AdFed “The Show” | Pinstallation – Interactive Installation

Throughout all of time, the AdFed Gold Pin Award has been fought for, stolen, and desired by everyone. The 2020 AdFed “The Show” was no different. Hundreds of pin-hungry humans showed up to fight for their chance to take a piece of history with them. To ease that insatiable hunger, we developed an interactive installation that had people fighting, dancing, and jumping for gold.

AdFed “The Show”
Production, Motion + Animation, VR + Immersive

The Pinstallation

The “Pinstallation” is uniquely designed for the space in Minnesota Orchestra Hall. To bring this installation to life, we used five projectors to cover the space with animation. First, we fabricated a frameless rear projection screen to fit within the space’s architecture. Then, we designed auxiliary floor animations to augment the screen and give the space more visual interest. We even constructed a seven-foot pin award and used a Lightform AR projector to cast content onto it. All of these pieces came together for an amazing event.

The Experience

The experience is all about collecting as many pins as humanly possible…and having a ridiculous amount of fun. Anyone can jump in and interact immediately; alone or with a group of friends. Throughout the night of “The Show,” hundreds of people jumped around to collect their pins until the champion’s god rays appeared.

The Art & Tech

Our designers and development team worked together to design and rig fifteen unique characters combining real-time effects with pre-rendered animation. The Microsoft Kinect captures the players’ action then applies that movement to their characters. The instant connection between the two had people doing all sorts of things… mostly dance. This body-tracking “Pinstallation” was a huge hit!