3M - Urban Mobility VR - Pixel Farm

3M | Urban Mobility VR

3M needed a way to dramatically convey the risks and rewards of improved safety tactics in urban traffic areas. Pixel Farm provided everything from storyboarding and layout to animation and development for this custom Oculus Quest VR application which puts players right in the action of a busy city. In addition, we provided voiceover recording and customization options which allow players to hear narration in 5 different languages for global appeal.

VR + Immersive, Audio

Problem vs Solution

Rather than simply detailing products and their features, we focused on the specific situations where safety is most at risk. In each scenario, players are able to see clearly the dangerous impact of poorly marked areas. They are then able to interactively add safety features into the scene and see how much safer the city becomes for everyone involved.

Crosswalk & Intersection

The simulation begins with a common mid-block crosswalk in which a nearby pedestrian is almost hit by a car. By adding extra road striping, signage and safety markings, drivers have greater visibility of pedestrian areas and people can more safely cross the street. A busy intersection of streets and bike lanes was also illustrated, showing how crosswalks at intersections can also benefit from added safety features like bike boxes, curb extensions and raised pavement markings.

Bike Lane & Scooter Parking

In busy urban areas, it’s not just cars who present a risk. This scenario showed the dangers imposed to cyclists on crowded streets as well as from scooter riders who often share crowded sidewalk space and create parking hazards. Players were able to interactively add dedicated bike/scooter lanes as well as improved road striping, scooter parking and signage to enhance safety for all and immediately see its impact.

VR Application

Virtual Reality was uniquely suited to creating the most dramatic, immersive presentation possible to convey these situations. By placing participants in the scene, right near the action where dangerous traffic hazards arise, it was both more clear and more impactful in its presentation of safety solutions. By granting participants the ability to hear the story unfold in their own native language, the experience has global appeal. Finally, by creating not only a VR application deliverable, but also a 360 degree video deliverable, the creative effort can be experienced by a wide range of users with and without Oculus Quest VR headsets.