3M - Safe Driving Challenge - Pixel Farm

3M | Safe Driving Challenge

3M recently tasked Pixel Farm with creating a VR experience to showcase the importance of high-quality sign and pavement marking reflectivity in stressful driving situations. Players get behind the wheel of a virtual car using a physical steering wheel and foot pedals for a night drive along a rainy coastal highway. While strapped into their Oculus Rift headsets, drivers must struggle to see the road while dodging parked semis and construction zones with guidance from their GPS.

Audio, VR + Immersive

The VR Experience

We approached this project as a step-up from our 3M Way to Safer Roads VR experience, giving players more control of the car and their experience. Putting players in a more intense and stressful situation allowed 3M to demonstrate why their reflective technology is so important.

If players’ reflexes aren’t sharp enough, they violently crash into guard rails, semis, or other disruptions along the road. Losing control in an intense moment can slam the car into obstacles and leave drivers with a cracked windshield. Like real-world wet roads, players can also lose traction and crash if they travel too fast or turn too abruptly.

If players are unable to read road signs in such harsh conditions, they may end up taking a wrong turn, which will return the car to the road at a previous checkpoint.

We collected player performance data including time, average speed, objects hit, and crashes to help 3M to measure and represent the effectiveness of their products in the virtual world. Looking for a similar VR experience for your show or event? Contact Pixel Farm.