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3M | Connected Roads VR

The power of virtual reality so often is illustrated on a grand scale. In VR, people can be transported to worlds and scenarios that would be impossible in real life.

Equally powerful is the opposite. A birds-eye view of a miniaturized world let’s the participant drill down into specific scenarios without losing sight of the bigger picture. And just like a beautiful aquarium or miniature train set, the experience can be just as astounding!

Audio, Motion + Animation, VR + Immersive

For our most recent project with 3M, we did exactly this. To showcase how 3M-enhanced infrastructure products can make roadways smarter and safer for automated vehicles, we created a stylized miniature city featuring an intricate web of road, weather, and traffic conditions. Gaze-triggered buttons in the sky would navigate to various scenarios where 3M’s groundbreaking Intelligent Transportation Materials (ITM) were on full display. Utilizing smart signage, road markings, and cloud data, the ITM system endeavors to keep an automobile’s “machine vision” always up-to-date.

Connected Roads VR debuted at the ITS World Congress in Montreal on Oculus Rift, and will continue to be updated and shared globally as the ITM system evolves in the future.