Pixel Farm | 02.22.22

We created a short film that pays homage to the twos of the world on this once in a century date. Our team worked collaboratively to concept, design, build, and create all of the unique assets seen within our digital art gallery.

With the date of 2/22/22 fast approaching, the Pixel Farm team knew we wanted to create something different for this one of a kind day. We settled on creating an art gallery space dedicated to the world of “twos”. This was a great way for the team to flex our creative and technical abilities. We took inspiration from brutalist architecture and the cinematography of Roger Deakins.

Our process began with developing visual concepts, storyboards, and final styleframes to lock in our look. Our design team developed all of the unique “two” designs for the flat-art gallery and neon sign spaces while our 3D team handled all of the modeling, animation, and rendering. Once we had a final edit lock our audio team brought the visuals to life with their sound design.

Pixel Farm
Digital, Motion + Animation