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I AM MPLS Branding

I AM MPLS has established itself as one of the most unique events the Twin Cities has to offer. A combination of fashion, comedy, and music, the night provides the perfect tasting menu of Minneapolis arts and culture. For their 5 year anniversary, I AM MPLS came to us looking to put together a cohesive brand ecosystem that worked not only for I AM MPLS, but it’s inaugural sister event I AM ST. PAUL; this included branding, promotional materials, branded content, and, in partnership with Playata, digital installations for the show. With a new brand identity I AM MPLS now has an ecosystem they can continue to grow for years to come. (Photos courtesy of Jay Larson Photography).

TYPE: Branding

  • VFX + Finishing
  • Editorial
  • Production
  • Audio
  • Motion + Animation
  • Color
  • VR + Immersive