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Fair Oaks Farms “What if?” Wall

WinField | Fair Oaks Farms “What if?” Wall In collaboration with Colle+McVoy, we envisioned what the future of farming might look like for the new WinField Crop Adventure exhibit at Fair Oaks Farms. With the recent popularity of “Agritourism” in the United States, this educational experience celebrates the past, present,… Read More

I AM MPLS Branding

I AM MPLS | I AM MPLS Branding I AM MPLS has established itself as one of the most unique events the Twin Cities has to offer. A combination of fashion, comedy, and music, the night provides the perfect tasting menu of Minneapolis arts and culture. Client I AM… Read More

Lux Sonos VR Installation

AIGA | Lux Sonos VR Installation At the 2017 AIGA Design Conference, we were thrilled to premiere Lux Sonos, a multi-user, generative music virtual reality experience. Designed with first-time VR users in mind, we kept the environment fantastical and serene, simplified user interactions, and made it a welcoming exploration of… Read More

Modist Brewing DROP IN Event

Rogue Citizen | Modist Brewing DROP IN Event Now in its third year, DROP IN Event and Art Exhibit is a celebration of skateboard deck art, music and culture put on by local artist collective Rogue Citizen and champions of beer innovation Modist Brewing. Traditionally adorned with deeply personal graphic… Read More

Flood VR

CCRFCD | Flood VR Floods kill more people than any other natural disaster in the United States. Most people die in cars, trying to beat the odds and make their way across flooded roadways. Nowhere does this occur more than in desert regions of the West. When Las Vegas-based agency… Read More

Pinstallation – Interactive Installation

AdFed “The Show” | Pinstallation – Interactive Installation Throughout all of time, the AdFed Gold Pin Award has been fought for, stolen, and desired by everyone. The 2020 AdFed “The Show” was no different. Hundreds of pin-hungry humans showed up to fight for their chance to take a piece of… Read More

Character Playbook™ VR for Super Bowl LII

United Way | Character Playbook™ VR for Super Bowl LII Working alongside the good people of Haberman and Street Factory, we created a football-themed VR experience for the Greater Twin Cities United Way at the Super Bowl Experience. The event was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, open to the… Read More