Adam recently graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has been an Animator at Pixel Farm since 2016. He’s worked on countless projects alongside our Animation Department, such as Hormel’s Black Label Bacon and Chaos on the Green Line. When he’s not working on client projects, he’s busy making his own renderings and animations that he posts to his social media channels and website. You have to see these!

What inspires you when creating these animations?
I am usually inspired by things I encounter in my daily life. Sometimes I will observe a motion or process and riff off of that, focusing on one aspect or detail.
For instance, I have started making “pointless machines” whose only task is essentially to be pointless. I love repetitive motions so I try to make my gifs loop seamlessly.
How often do you make new gifs? 
I started making daily renders in 2016. Making a new post/render every day is definitely a challenge, so I fell behind a little.
I took some time off and now I’m updating my renders at a pace that works better for me, which is about 2-3 times a week.


What programs/softwares do you use?
I use Maya for all my 3D work, primarily the mash motion graphic toolset.
I use VRay for rendering, Nuke to composite, and the adobe suite as necessary.