VFX + Motion

It can be a rabble-rousing ballpark animation or an illuminating message piece that’s so cute you can’t click away. It encompasses all that our designers, directors, illustrators, and animators do here at Pixel Farm; the only condition is that it moves.


Motion Magic

Since our founding in 1995, one of Pixel Farm’s cornerstone capabilities has been our visual effects team. With more than a century of combined expertise, our team has the skills to tackle the most ambitious of projects. Backed by tremendous technical horsepower, compositing, digital clean-up, and the seamless integration of live-action with animation is executed with staggering speed and accuracy. Additionally, our team is available to supervise on-set, ensuring that your visual effects objectives are kept in mind well before post-production even begins.

Motion Design

The Filmmaking Art of Design

Motion designers think like directors. Instead of a conventional camera, they use a virtual one. Instead of actors, they use design elements. The end result can tell a story, convey a message, or evoke an emotion as effectively as any piece shot on film.

General Mills

"Raise a Giant"



Milwaukee Brewers

Stadium Opener


NutriSolutions 360



Character Animation

Bringing Pixels to Life

Pixel Farm’s gang of illustrators and animators have brought to life memorable characters for TV, commercials and digital games. Animated characters provide an imaginative alternative to tell a story, extend brand messaging, and create an emotional connection with an audience.

General Mills

BTFE Turn In Day


Inquisitive Girl

Ohio Lottery

Pick 3, Pick 4


Beyond Sight and Sound

Technological advancements in touchscreens, motion control, and projection have opened up new worlds of consumer engagement. By immersing the audience into an “experience,” brands are able to connect using human senses never before activated in traditional forms of advertising.

Pixel Farm

Experiential Reel