Live Action

From its start in 1995, the craft of manipulating and enhancing images captured on film has been one of Pixel Farm’s core offerings. While actual “film” may not be the medium of choice anymore, the crafts of editorial, color correction, and visual effects remain the foundations of telling a really great story.


Lights. Camera. Engagement.

Pixel Farm’s live-action capabilities span all forms of production. From guerrilla filmmaking to complex productions involving stop-motion, visual effects integration, and high-speed photography, we’ve tackled it all. Our relationships with a nationwide network of producers, directors, and photographers offer the flexibility to meet any project’s needs.


Piecing Together the Puzzle

Editorial is where good stories become great. Comedy, conflict, or a complex idea can be enhanced within a matter of frames. As digital filmmaking becomes prevalent, the sheer amount of footage captured can make anyone’s head spin. That’s why a great editor is needed: to make sense of the madness, give the client only the tastiest of options, and ultimately, connect a story with its audience.

Paul Clark



Enhancing Composition and Tone

When executed well, color color-correction is both transformative and invisible. Its ability to set the tone of a scene, draw the eye to a subject, and shape the composition of an image is an essential element of high-quality content.

Dave Sweet



Motion Picture Quality Control

The unsung hero of post-production, finishing is a content piece’s final and most critical step on its journey from concept to delivery. Through a detailed process of merging visual and sound assets, QC-ing every detail, and conforming the final master to broadcast, film, or web standards, finishing guarantees that content is delivered to ears and eyeballs exactly as it was intended.