Grounded in strategy, tactfully efficient, and conceptually limitless. We look to find the ‘why’ behind a brand, building emotional connections to consumers and creating authentic relationships.


The Who, What, & Why

Good creative comes from understanding. Not just identifying the audience, but understanding how they think and why they do what they do. We believe a lasting impression is made from an educated approach. Research and Strategy provides the context for everything we create.


Lots of Lightbulbs

Ideation is high-level creative thinking. It’s the stage where we lock ourselves in a room and ask “what if”. We explore, dream up, trash, and rethink ideas until we find the right fit. When aligned with a strong strategic insights, we arrive at big ideas quickly and confidently.


It All Starts With a Story

Whether articulating core messaging, scripting a branded content piece, or crafting an attention-grabbing headline, copywriting lays the foundation for creating content. Authentic storytelling has the ability to captivate an audience in a more impactful way than ever before, creating opportunities to share your story in a number of unique ways.

3M Scotchguard

"Gam Gam"


"Own Today"


"Thank You"


The Look and Feel

Art direction provides the inspiration for visual creative via mood boards, story boards, and production design. Art direction establishes visual cohesion, making sure there is consistency as the project moves into production.


Functional Art

Design is infused into everything we do at Pixel Farm. Whether we’re developing characters, animating a stadium opener, or making a game, our designers refine the visual details so that form and function are unified.