Specializing in musical composition, sound design, and final mix, our team of talented professionals work with clients and companies worldwide to create unique sonic experiences for everything from broadcast television and feature films to games and experiential media.

Original Music

Hit It

Music plays an essential role in establishing the tone and driving the narrative of a project. An original piece of music is a customizable solution that can be sculpted to picture and make a project speak with a unique voice.

Electric Trippers


Milwaukee Brewers

Stadium Opener

Target Up&Up


Gold'n Plump

Mom Squad - BBQ

Sound Design

Sonic Landscapes

The manipulation of sound can be as powerful as music to arouse emotion. It’s seamlessly incorporating the hum of an air conditioner or the powering down of an alien mothership. It’s creating an aural landscape that allows the audience to become completely immersed in the visual.

3M Scotchbrite

Lint Police



Wet n' Wild

Steal The Look

Final Mix

The Perfect Balance

Final mix is the process of blending all audio elements together so the listener can hear everything with clarity. Whether you’re pumping sound through a smartphone or a stadium with 60,000 screaming fans, we have the experience to ensure your piece is heard.

Whole Foods

Happy Place



Union Pacific

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Voice Record

Check One, Two

Our voice recording, production and editing capabilities allow us to bring the client, talent, writer and director together in the same room regardless of geography. This ensures the very best performance for the right reasons.


Rain Drop

National Bone Marrow Program

Be the Match


75th Anniversary Anthem