Talent. Flexibility. All under one roof.

Our capabilities offer the full spectrum of creative expertise, fostering endless possibilities, logistical efficiency, and cost-savings. With these resources all under one roof, our clients, agency partners and collaborators have the ability to combine artistic disciplines to meet any creative challenge.


Grounded in strategy, tactfully efficient, and conceptually limitless. We look to find the ‘why’ behind a brand, building emotional connections to consumers and creating authentic relationships.

VFX + Motion

It can be a rabble-rousing ballpark animation or an illuminating message piece that’s so cute you can’t click away. It encompasses all that our designers, directors, illustrators, and animators do here at Pixel Farm; the only condition is that it moves.

VR + Digital

The opportunities in this space are constantly changing; it’s impossible to rely on any one technology or platform. We believe that any content creation, be it virtual reality, social, web, mobile, or gaming must be tied to a great idea, elegant design, and thoughtful usability, all working together to create a unique experience.

Live Action

From its start in 1995, the craft of manipulating and enhancing images captured on film has been one of Pixel Farm’s core offerings. While actual “film” may not be the medium of choice anymore, the crafts of editorial, color correction, and visual effects remain the foundations of telling a really great story.


Pixel Farm’s audio capabilities include original music, sound design, and final mix. Our team of talented professionals work with clients and companies from locations worldwide to create unique sonic experiences for everything from broadcast television and feature films to games and experiential media.